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This is the website for the LS telcom Public Trial as announced in FCC Public Notice DA 13-1401. The Commission's Part 15 rules (47 C.F.R. § 15.701 et seq.) require  that unlicensed TV band devices contact an authorized database system to obtain a list of channels that are available for their operation (i.e., channels not protected for authorized radio services) at their individual  locations and must operate only on those channels. Such devices are required to provide their geographic location, by means of a secure Internet connection, to a TV band database system authorized by the Commission. The database will then return a list of the channels available for operation by the device for its reported location.  As part of its authorization process for TV band database systems, the Commission stated that each database will be subject to a public trial period of not less than 45 days to ensure that the database is providing accurate results before it is allowed to be made available for regular public use.

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